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Into the Parabnormal

“Into The Parabnormal” is a two-hour radio program hosted by Jeremy Scott LIVE! Saturdays from 7-9pm PT / 10pm-Mid ET broadcasting on Odysy Radio, terrestrial radio stations from coast to to coast, online networks and streaming apps.

Each week, we dive deep into the subjects that are not covered in the lamestream. As we like to say, what you hear is somewhere between abnormal and paranormal!

We broadcast from the cold, dark depths of a secret dungeon somewhere deep in the remote Pacific Northwest. The program is syndicated with over 400 shows since 2015.

Jeremy Scott has 20 years of experience in commercial radio. He brings a skeptical eye to every program and is not afraid to ask the most pressing of questions.

At the end of the day, you are the ultimate judge of what you believe and what you will accept as evidence. With each episode, we strive to engage the mind, keep each other honest, and challenge what we think we know.

Live on Odysy Radio and iHeartRadio, Saturdays at 10p ET.


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