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"Hi! It's us, Jake & Nog! We're back together again, and we've got a new podcast series!"

Tragically, our good friend and brother, Aron Eisenberg, passed away in September.

After a hiatus of reflection and remembrance, Cirroc Lofton and Ryan T. Husk are continuing the series that the three of them thought would go on forever. We are continuing on, honoring Aron the entire way, following his vision, and keeping his legacy alive.

So now we're doing a multitude of podcast and YouTube video series:

  1. Our regular weekly show, in which we watch and review an episode of Deep Space Nine. We oftentimes have guests join us, like Armin Shimmerman, Tracee Cocco, & Nana Visitor.

  2. Our new #CaptainNogForever (CNF) series in which we have guests like Robert Beltran, Terry Farrell, & Robert Duncan McNeill celebrate Aron's life with us and share their memories of him. We've also recently opened this series to public submission, so we have friends of Aron's, fans of Nog, join us and share their stories of how Aron impacted their lives, inspired them, and/or helped them through tough times. The stories have been beautiful.

  3. Our Star Trek Convention series was a big hit last July and plan on doing it again next year. We'd have someone that goes to Star Trek Las Vegas regularly come on and talk about why the convention and our community are special to them.

  4. Our Discovery watch and review series will be back once Discovery season three begins.

  5. In January, Star Trek Picard will begin and we'll be watching and reviewing it weekly.

Our goal is to reach 200 Patrons. Please help us reach our goal and continue to celebrate Aron, honor old Star Trek, experience new Star Trek, meet all of you, and laugh a ton the entire way. We appreciate and value all of our supporters and Patrons - even just $1 is enough to help us to our goal!

Please take a look at these excellent Patreon levels and, if you like this new show we're doing, please consider becoming a patron and helping us to bring MORE shows to you! We got benefits like joining our recordings, becoming an associate producer, getting autographed pictures, and more!

T7R audio podcast:

T7R2 audio podcast:

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