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The Breakdown Paranormal Files

Updated: Jan 17

Host Aaron Barker is a Capricorn who likes long walks on the beach, moonlit dinners, deep fried foods and energy drinks. He is married with two children and a Golden Retriever named Ginger.

As the host of The Breakdown Paranormal Files, Aaron is always pushing the limits of what we think we know about life, science, faith, and our very existence. If you like to explore the unknown, the unexplained, the unquestioned, and the off-limits topics, then you'll fit right in here. With a skeptical nature, he challenges guests and listeners, respectfully, which leads to some fascinating conversations.

Join Aaron as we ask the questions that get you kicked out of bible study and sent to therapy.

Listen live on or on the Odysy Radio channel on iHeartRadio.


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